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Towing is a necessity, and driving is the one thing that most of us could say we have in common. Part of that necessity is to remove vehicles from roadways and other areas for public safety and security of the vehicle after an unplanned event. We understand there are emotions after such event and will do our best to give you the information you need so you can determine how best handle your situation.
We sympathize with your situation. We are probably meeting you at a low point while you are dealing with unfortunate and sometimes tragic events. Motor vehicle crash, DUI, no license or insurance, (sometimes a mistake). Now after all of that, you see the impound bill and it can be overwhelming especially considering this was an unplanned event. It is as important to us to be reasonable with our fees as it is to you.
Costs associated with operating and maintaining the equipment, insurance on the trucks and impound yard and paying an excellent, professional staff are just some of the expenses required to bring this necessary service to the community. All of this is considered when setting our fees. We are a locally owned company and customer service is a priority.

There are a lot of questions right after a motor vehicle accident and what seems like a lot of decisions. We have an approved storage yard and can help to lessen the immediate decisions by towing your accident here.
Typically once the vehicle is here (especially with full coverage insurance) the insurance will send an adjuster our yard 2-5 days after the accident to look over the vehicle and see what repairs need to be made. The adjuster will call you to discuss your options. Once you have made a decision about what is to happen with the vehicle i.e. repair or total. The insurance will have a tow truck bring it to its repair destination. This process alleviates the stress of having to make an immediate decision while other more important matters need attention.
Generally, there is no immediate out of pocket expenses and the bills all get added to the final bill that you pay you’re deductible on.

Release Requirments

You Can get your car out of impound 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Our regular hours are 7am–5pm M-F and Sat 9am-5pm. There is an afterhour’s charge of $66 Dollars for any car released outside of business hours.

You Will need the following items to have your car released if you are driving it out:

  • Valid driver with a drivers license on person
  • Valid proof of insurance
  • Valid Registration
If you are towing it out you will only need a valid Identification. Note: We cannot tow any accident to any place other than an auto body shop or a private residence.